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I am so, so, so happy. Okay, that sounds seriously ditzy and Manny-esque, but I am ecstatic! I never thought this would happen.

See, Craig and I were having a... *ahem* somewhat awkward conversation on AIM. And I seriously needed to tell him something, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. So he suggested we go to the park. Just to see each other again, I guess. I hadn't seen him since I stormed off to England. I knew it was over and all, and why wouldn't it be- after I acted like such an idiot- but I was really quite afraid of what I was going to do and say when I saw him again. But there he was, just sitting on a bench, exactly like I left him. So I sat next to him, and before long... somehow we were holding hands. It was then that he told me he still loved me. I was so happy, I started crying. Of course I told him that I still loved him, too. And he kissed me. And life is amazing. And we went to his house, debated ordering a pizza, and made out like there was no tomorrow, just like old times.

I love life.

But mostly I love Craig. I guess I always sorta have.

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You're with Craig?

Did he tell you that he wanted me to have sex with him?
Ha..okay indeed. LOL.
Wow hon, well don't storm off to England after you guys have another fight. I don't think he can go on with another broken heart.
I agree. 100%.
Well, it's not like I just stormed off to England, I mean, I did plan to go before I... stormed.