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Wow. I've never felt so fantastic. Things with Craig are... amazing. But I think there's something he's not telling me... I just want to hug him and hold him forever and while I'm doing that, find out why he's into Darcy and Paige I think we're going to start playing music together again. Won't that be fantastic? Maybe he'll write a new song for me and not Darcy.
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What's the problem with me and Darcy? Because if anything I wonder why he's into you
Craig loves me because I'm original and I have a personality, unlike some blonde bimbo slut I know
Oh what and I don't have personality? You did not just fucking call me a slut. Atleast I don't run away when my boyfriend needs me the most. Thanks
You can have him. All I want is Jess...or Jay. I'm not picky.